Friday, January 15, 2010

Bad blogger!

I should have made this my new years resolution....hahaha.... but instead I'm just going to recap! Holidays were a whirlwind as usual! I worked my tail off and hung out with the boys when I wasn't working! We had a wonderful Christmas! Kade was soo much fun this year! I loved how MAJICAL everything was from Elfs Santa and even Baby Jesus! He was sooo excited for everything this year! He just had the best reaction. I hope everyone experiences that with their kids at some point! I hope it lasts for a long time! We actually went way low key this year on presents for the boys Santa got them one big tow and a few small and we just got them both a few small things. They didn't get tired of opening presents...Like last year:) They loved it and all the fun things they got from their Grandparents and aunts and uncles! We have massive family EATING for Christmas for two days straight LOL!!!! gotta love the extra few pounds we all put on... But I love being with family! Landon was such a big boy this year! He was sooo easily distracted by the skateboard and was done opening:) I worked the week of New Years... had some people over WAY LAST min!!! but brought the new year in with my sweet boys!! I love being a mom! I love the excitement they had through the holidays!

This year our goals are to get Gabe an airline JOB and finish more school.... Gabe wants ABs... ( waaaa) and I want to lose 20lbs so Maybe after a hard summer of Boating get prego with #3 but who knows what will happen from now to then...... We are working on opening a salon! Its exciting! This has taken FOREVER! we still are not half way there! We are almost done with the business plan thanks to our ever so kind friend! So then we have to get a loan..... so we need PRAYERS! We are sooooooo ready!

Landon found out this week that he needed glasses...... so I was noticing he started crossing one of his eyes every once in a while..... so I as much as I want him to be my baby hes not a baby .....and I knew that wasn't normal so I made him an apt with the vision dr..... yeah Its crazy they can do it without them knowing letters or shapes! So she told us hes severely farsighted!..... I started crying like a winnie...... I was sad... I don't want him to be made fun of or feel different...... but now he can see! I was talking to a friend and she said when her kids got their glasses they were so excited that they could see leaves and blades of grass for the first I cried again. You never want your kids to struggle especially when they are just not even 2:( But He is leaving them on and he smiles when he puts them on..... I love my little glasses boy!

Kade is loving his preschool.... hes starting to play alot more with Landon and being really helpful! we moved them into the same room. He is in a bit of a whinny stage.... but as long as Gabe keeps him alive hopefully this too shall pass....LOL He really is a happy smart little whip..... eventually he might quit peeing in his pants.... he only has had one poop acc in the last year ( he was sick) but pee pee is a whole new story.... its like he loves to pee a little spot in his underware...Drives us crazy but we are just tring to be patient!

So no pics this time..... my better half has the camera with the pics! up in a plane!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

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Friday, December 4, 2009

IT'S a Texas Miricle

It SNOWED!!!!!!! Two years in a row! This is our House with snow for the 2nd time ever!
This is Lefty the snowman Gabe, Kade, Landon, and Grandma Karen made!!!!

The boys kept watching in amazement out the window~~~It snowing!!!!

Gabe said Landon kept saying COLD COLD COLD!!!!! Kade loved the snow but not Landon so much:)

The dogs Loved it! They probably wished I didn't shave them a couple weeks ago!

Grandma and her cutest Grandsons(for now at least)

And this is the snow in action and Kades swinging skills hes picked up the last few weeks! Pumping his legs! Unfortunately I was working! But thank goodness Gabe is so good to always pull out the camera!!!

Well Who knows when it will snow next but that was a Big surprise! But I'm really ok if it never returns for this year! I live in Texas for a reason!!! I like shorts and flip flops on Christmas Day! LOL!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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Monday, November 30, 2009

December is HERE!!!!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving I was not very camera Happy... so No pics! I am so grateful for my whole family! We had 33 people! Gabe invited 3 of his students and the rest was Family! I love having a HUGE family! and that wasn't even everyone... I am grateful for our health! Health is everything! I am grateful for my Heavenly Father! I am grateful for my Friends, I have so many more things I am grateful for!
Krissy was sweet and made this cute card! She is way more on top of things than I am! I love the holidays! I love Christmas! I love my tree! Glitter is all over my house. Landon finds it very fun to try to rip all of the ornaments off...... no one else has that problem right?? Its cute though because Kade tells Landon "no no .. Wandon" He still can't say his L's. It sure is cute though. Its nice they are really playing well together lately.... But no not ready to have another one yet.... Landon is jumping out of his crib every night the other day he did it over 60 times before he finally gave up! I know I need to put him in a big boy bed ..... but I guess that means that would be my baby being a BIG boy not my BABY!!!! waaaaaa! I thank the Lord everyday for my three sweet boys (Gabe included)! Well we hope everyone has a great December!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Super Dr.

Dr. Butler's office!! Some people have asked me who I took Kade to.... Dr. Kevin Butler..... He is not a pediatric dentist ....just really good with kids and Adults ! I have gone to him since I was little..... so I brought Kade.... And Joleen is who Kade had as an hygienist and Jennifer is also great with kids there too! 281-358-7995. I was shocked how awesome of an experience Kade had! well there you go!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Dentist Visit!!!!!

Today went like this...... Wake up go to the YMCA. Go to gymnastics ( which Kade loves!) then to lunch....took the Tahoe in to get detailed! woooooo hoooooo! surprisingly I LOVE a clean car! then we went on our way to the Dentist......on the way there I talked up how fun it was..... We got there and Kade was sooo excited... I told him he could have any toy he wanted to have if he did well.... so we got there...

Then he was asking to in there I was hoping they would hurry up before he changed his mind..... then the sweet hygienist came and got us to bring us back..... Kade surprisingly got super excited...hopped right up on the chair... I felt like passing out....LOL....
Kade said I guess I'll wear pink.... funny stuff....Then she said man you look strong show me your muscles......
Then the spider man glasses were busted out......... I thought that was pretty awesome they had spider man ones!!!!

Then Holy cow Kade let Jollene take some pictures of the "Transformers" in his mouth......Then we counted teeth while she scraped plaque off the teeth......
Kade did have a cavity... :( But I thought for sure he would have more than one... so for us one was good news..... Dr. Butler said it wasn't anything to have to fill yet but we will keep brushing and try to get uncle Ryan to floss for us! Then Joleen just brushed his teeth with a brush ....we were not ready for "Mr. Tickle" today..... Maybe next time. Thanks Kade for being a good boy! you surprised me!